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Shungite: Unveiling the Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

A "Miracle Stone" for Spiritual Growth

Certified Shungite. Authentic Shungite Tested in New Zealand.
Certified Shungite - We Love Shungite!

Nestled within Russia's Karelia region lies an extraordinary treasure that has fascinated seekers of the mystical for centuries – shungite. Often referred to as a "miracle stone" or a "healing stone," shungite is renowned for its unique properties that extend beyond the physical realm.

In this post we unveil the spiritual and metaphysical properties of Shungite and dip our toe into its effects on chakras, its role in meditation, and its potential

in manifestation practices.

Balancing Energies: Shungite and Chakras

Certified Shungite Chakra Balancing
Certified Shungite Chakra Balancing

Shungite's allure is not limited to its enigmatic appearance; it possesses potent grounding and protective abilities. These qualities make shungite a valuable tool for harmonising and aligning the chakras, especially when we seek grounding amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Chakras, the energy centers residing within our bodies, influence various aspects of our existence, from emotions to spiritual awakening. Many of the problems, fears and issues in our contemporary lives can be resolved by balancing our chakra system. Shungite can aid in balancing and aligning these chakras, leading to improved holistic well-being. The harmony of these energies can pave the path towards physical vitality, emotional equilibrium and spiritual growth.

Shungite is believed to have a grounding effect on the base chakra, instilling a sense of stability and security. Simultaneously, it is said to cleanse and activate the crown chakra, fostering spiritual growth and higher understanding. Using shungite for chakra balancing can be as straightforward as placing the stone on the relevant chakra points during meditation or carrying it as jewelry or a pocket stone. Shungite's energy is thought to promote balance and alignment, ultimately contributing to holistic well-being.

If you would like to know more about Chakra Balancing and Healing Penny Green, one of New Zealands foremost Healers has compiled an excellent online course that you can work through in your own time and at your own pace. The Balancing and Strengthening of the Chakras, as taught Pennys course, is a great way to dip your toes into Energy Healing and start developing your natural clairvoyance. To find out more just click here. Now onwards with our Shungite ....

Meditation's Muse: Shungite's Guiding Presence

In the midst of life's ever louder growing cacophony, meditation can offer us solace and introspection. Shungite enhances this practice by providing a calming and centering influence perfectly catered for by Certified Shungite Harmonisers. Shungite Harmonisers can have very powerful effects depending on the user and for this reason, and from experience, we recommend starting with short 2-3 Meditations using them and gradually increase the time at your pace and following your own inner guidance. Effects can be immediate when holding the harmonisers correctly, with the Shungite cylinder in the left hand, so be prepared and make sure you have set aside some uninterruptible time for yourself when you begin your practice.

Certified Shungite. Authentic Shungite in New Zealand.
Certified Shungite Harmonisers. A Powerful tool for Grounding and Meditation.

Certainly from our own experience and feedback from our customers shungite improves focus and clarity during meditation, making it an invaluable companion for those seeking inner peace.

Here is an excerpt of some feedback we received from a Healing practitioner.

"I had a client holding the harmonisers. He was at such peace he also couldn’t stop moving them around ( in his hands) , almost like a meditative movement. He loved them so much he felt that he should get a set.

This is someone who has been a very broken soul. Amazing! " - Caroline, Bay of Plenty.

Moreover, shungite enthusiasts, ourselves included, suggest that it fosters a profound connection to Mother Earth and the natural world, facilitating a deeper spiritual journey. It is a great tool for grounding and the sense of 'feeling grounded', especially useful if you need to get to nature but just cant. We have one client who works in a very high pressure office environment in the financial services industry. She mentioned that she keeps her set of Harmonisers at work and when things become too stressful or the dynamic of her office is creating high stress in her she will take her harmonisers to a quiet place , usually the 'ladies' and sit with them just to bring herself back to a grounded state. She jokingly calls it 'powdering her soul'

Empowering Dreams: Shungite and Manifestation

Visualization and intention hold the power to transform dreams into reality, the essence of manifestation. Shungite, in our personal experience, can amplify this power by providing sturdy grounding and protective energy. If dreams are the seeds and intentions the water, then shungite can be viewed as the fertile soil nurturing these aspirations.

Having worked with Shungite since 2017, I was so convinced of its ability to help us heal, to ground and protect us from negative energies, to help us grow our creative selves and provide clarity through the smog of 'overthinking' that we formed Certified Shungite in order to provide Authentic Shungite to New Zealanders so they can benefit in their own lives. ( In fact our route to discovering Shungite was set up on our search for a natural solution to the ever increasing growth of Electromagnetic Fields [EMF's] in a spaces and the multitude of harmful effects they bring on our biological systems. You can find out more about that by reading "Our Story" with more detail about this subject to follow in future Blogs. )

Many people who incorporate shungite into their manifestation routines report a heightened sense of determination and clarity. An interesting by-product of the use of Shungite on bed side tables during sleeping hours as protection from EMF's has been the reports from some customers who have noticed, beyond having a better nights sleep, very clear dreams that provided insights into 'murky problems' confronting them at that time. The solution just presented itself.

As more and more people use and interact with shungite routinely more positive effects are being noted and reported. While science focus's more so on the industrial, commercial and economic applications of Shungite and its very unique properties , the holistic world is beginning to realise that there is much more to Shungite than first meets the eye.

It is important to remember that shungite should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment, and anyone with health concerns should consult with their GP or healthcare professional.

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