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Genuine Polished Certifed Shungite Harmoniser set.


This set comprises two cylinders. Either 105mm in length or 150mm both 30mm in Diameter. One cylinder is solid polished shungite  the other is soapstone.


Cylindrical harmonizers are often referred to as "Pharaoh's Cylinders" and are seen as two pillars of energy: yin (left) and yang (right). With the help of cylinders, energy enters the body, cleansing the body and strengthening the human aura.


Shungite cylinder  should be held in the left hand, soapstone cylinder in the right during your meditation practices. You should start with 3-5 minutes, gradually increasing to 10-15 minutes as the effects can be very powerful.


All of our Shungite is sourced directly from authorised extractors working at the Zazhoginskoye Deposit located in Keralia, Russia.  Once in New Zealand we individually certify every piece as Genuine to provide our guarantee to you that the Shungite your purchase from Certified Shungite is genuine and of high quality.

Certified Shungite Harmonisers

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