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How we Certify our Shungite and Why we do it.

Updated: May 29

Ensuring Authenticity: Our Journey with Shungite

When we embarked on our journey with Shungite in 2017, little did we know the fascinating and sometimes bewildering world we were about to explore. Shungite, a unique mineral containing the Fullerene Molecule 'C60,' possesses remarkable properties, including its ability to conduct electricity. However, we quickly discovered that not all that claimed to be "Shungite" in New Zealand was genuine.

Before we ventured to source Shungite directly from Russia, we decided to do our due diligence by examining what was available locally. We purchased several pieces from reputable gem stores across the country, forming a small pile of Shungite to begin our exploration.

One of the first things we learned about Shungite was its exceptional ability to conduct electricity due to the presence of the Fullerene Molecule. This discovery led us to test our Shungite pile to verify its authenticity. What we found left us stunned.

But this blog isn't just about our experiences; it's about ensuring that you, as consumers, are informed. There are reputable suppliers in New Zealand, including us, but we want to equip you with the knowledge to distinguish genuine Shungite from imitation.

Around 60% of the Shungite we purchased locally turned out not to be Shungite at all. It looked like Shungite at first glance, had similar weight per size, but it was, in fact, an unknown material, later revealed to be compressed and sealed coal dust—a common fake emerging from overseas producers into New Zealand.

We took the initiative to inform the supplier of these "culprit stones" about our findings, not seeking a refund but aiming to share knowledge. Initially met with resistance, we demonstrated the tests (similar to what you'll see in the video below), showcasing that their stones didn't possess the electrical conductivity characteristic of genuine Shungite. The response was that it came from Russia but didn't test as genuine due to how it had been tumbled, which we respected and left at that.

While in contact with Russian suppliers, we decided to bring Authentic Shungite to New Zealand directly from its source. We committed to testing every item ourselves to guarantee its authenticity, leading to the birth of our company, 'Certified Shungite.'

Certified Shungite tested for authenticity in New Zealand
An early shipment from Russia. The unwrapped pieces are Elite Shungite.

You might wonder why we continue to test Shungite even when we source it directly from Russian suppliers. The answer is simple: we want to offer you our personal guarantee that what you purchase from us is genuine Shungite, possessing the unique properties of Authentic Shungite.

So, we certify every piece of Shungite we receive. This practice has become even more crucial given the geopolitical uncertainties in that region. Who knows what's happening and where the products are coming from in such an unstable, trade-restrictive environment?

We've explained why we are so committed to ensuring Shungite's authenticity. Now, we invite you to watch the video below, where some of the fake pieces we encountered

back in 2017 make an appearance. Can you spot them?

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Our full range of Shungite, subject to change and availability, can be found here. We take great pride in the quality and authenticity of our products and the level of service we offer to you, our customers.

Thank you for reading this far, and we hope you find the video below informative.

It is important to remember that shungite should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment, and anyone with health concerns should consult with their GP or healthcare professional.

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