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Our Story

"It has to be natural, it has to be genuine and it has to work!"

In 2017, we were prompted to search for a natural earth element, mineral, or crystal that could provide positive benefits and protection from harmful energies for both humans and pets. Our experience working in the spiritual field had led us to connect with people from all over the world, and we had become increasingly concerned about the rise of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the environment. While we had previously used natural minerals and crystals to promote holistic well-being and dispel negative energies, the proliferation of EMFs created a new type of negative energy that we felt compelled to address. Our search was guided by intuition and a desire to find a solution that would benefit us all.

What we found wasn't groundbreaking; it wasn't a fantastic new discovery previously unknown to man. It was Shungite, a black mineral from the northwestern tip of Russia that had been used locally for centuries and mined commercially for several years.

We came across Shungite the same way as most discover things these days... an internet search engine with the term 'EMF Protection.' Wow! If ever there was a rabbit hole to fall down, this was it.

Along with Shungite popping up as the main mineral, crystal, or stone (there was clearly some confusion online at the time as to what to actually call it - It's a mineral by the way), there were all manner of man-made objects that carried the label 'EMF Protection' or 'EMF Defense' ('EMF Defence'). Intuitively, these attracted from us no more than a cursory glance, but Shungite, this looked interesting, and the more we looked, the more interesting Shungite looked. Here was a naturally occurring 'stone', unique to that specific region of Russia with centuries-old tales of its use for water purification, general well-being, and protection from negative energies. There were extensive reports of its use to reduce stress and anxiety, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; the list seemed to go on and on right up to the bold statement 'Protection Against EMF.' Hmmmmm. We were set on a journey that would lead us to create our company, Certified Shungite.

Certified Shungite. Authentic Shungite in New Zealand

The time between our initial intuitive call in 2017 and the creation of our company was spent researching, reading whatever we could, attempting translations of Cyrillic (Russian) to English, looking into the history of Shungite, fact-checking, and collating all verifiable sources. This journey was full of discovery, uncovering some amazing stories, intriguing studies, and creating new friendships in Karelia, Russia.

If you are reading this, then you have probably already decided that you want Shungite in your life for one reason or another. You have probably already undertaken some research; you may well be looking to Shungite primarily for use to protect against EMFs, having similar concerns about the amount of Wi-Fi and connectivity that surrounds us daily. You may have heard about the grounding and healing properties of Shungite or its water purification properties. To all of you, I offer this: Our view is clear, there are many benefits to incorporating Shungite into your daily routine and life. That said, I will add that there is much to be found online in regard to the effectiveness of Shungite (especially in regard to its use as protection from EMF); you will be able to find arguments and studies that support its positive effects and similarly some against. I certainly found both in 2017, and the number has grown slowly since that time. We have collated all of the information we have discovered and will be sharing articles and information in our blog 'Shungite Rocks!' and through our news letter, 'The Certified Guardian"

All of our Shungite is sourced directly from authorised extractors working at the Zazhoginskoye Deposit located in Keralia, Russia.  Once in New Zealand we individually certify every piece as Genuine to provide our guarantee to you that the Shungite your purchase from Certified Shungite is genuine and of high quality.

You can find our Shungite Products below, and in our online store with every item made available for sale Certified as Genuine by us here in New Zealand. If you have any questions about Shungite, our Certification Process, or any other inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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