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Certified Elite Shungite. Graded and Priced individually and sold by selecting by letter/s.  You will receive exactly the stone/s you select. All photos are actual stock items available now in New Zealand as at May 10 2024.  Buy your Elite Shungite from Certified Shungite and keep it in the family for generations.

Elite Shungite represents only 1% of the total global supply of Shungite. It is sought after for its high carbon count and high fullerene content. It has an appearance of shiny silver and due to its internal structure it cannot be formed into shapes or other items.


The weights of each stone are provided below. The images show three angles of each stone.

1. 28gram

2. 30gram

3. 30gram

4. 33gram

5. 34gram


7. 35gram

8. 36gram

9. 40gram

10. 40gram

11. 41gram

12. 41gram

13. 43gram

14. 43gram

15. 43gram

16. 43gram

17. 46gram

18. 50gram

19. 50gram

20. 50gram

21.  51gram

22.  51gram

23. 51gram

24. 52gram

25. 52gram

26. 53gram

27. 53gram

28. 56gram

29. 57gram

30. 57gram

31. 59gram

32. 59gram

33. 60gram

34. 61gram

35. 64gram

36. 65gram (SOLD)

37. 65gram

38, 66gram

39. 66gram


We are a small NZ owned and operated company based on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast in Auckland and have been sourcing and providing Authentic Shungite to Kiwis since 2018.  All of our Elite Shungite is sourced directly from authorised extractors located in Keralia, Russia. 

Once in New Zealand we individually certify every piece as Genuine to provide our guarantee to you that the Shungite you purchase from Certified Shungite is authentic and of high quality.

Our mission is to make sure that Kiwis that want to buy Authentic Shungite have a trusted local source and that is why we certify all of our shungite as genuine right here in New Zealand prior to sale.  To find out more about us and our Shungite please visit our blog.


Afterpay available on all purchases. FREE Shipping on all orders over $150.


    Certified Elite Shungite - AAA Grade

    • It is a term we use to illustrate the quality of the Elite Shungite we supply.

      We use this Grading to draw attention to the prevalance of cheaper, sometimes fake and low quality Elite Shungite available in the marketplace.

      Why Triple A Grade?
      The First A is awarded for Authenticty. I check to see if the material exhibits the unique characteristics of Authentic Elite Shungite in that it allows the free flow of electricity

      The Second A is awarded for its stability. Elite Shungite is not the same as regular Shungite. Its structure is far more brittle and pieces can be susceptible to splintering and breaking. There's nothing wrong with it, its just the way it is formed and actually is an indicator of the high carbon/fullerene content displayed by Elite Shungite. However, in our experience a beautiful 80 gram piece can rapidly become several small pieces and tiny splinters if the piece shows signs of instability on receipt. We handle it fumble with it inspect by eye and make a determination based on whether pieces easily fragment and whether potential cracks are weak.

      The third and final A is awarded for Aesthetic. We look at the shine of the stone and whether it displays a silvery lustre. We look for the presence of iron oxide (rust) reddish brown staining and streaks.  Iron oxide forms naturally with Elite Shungite it is harmless to humans in small quantities and can be found in many food items but frankly does not look very nice at all.  In our opinion the presence of iron oxide can indicate that the piece is more brittle and also detracts from the beautiful silver lustre High Quality Authentic Elite Shungite displays.

      With this grading applied each of these Elite Shungite Stones offered for sale has been Authenticated and Inspected in New Zealand personally by me, Paul. They are all unique and vary in weight and dimensions and are offered for sale by letter. Please select your choice by number at checkout. If the number has been greyed out it has been sold and is no longer available, please choose another. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.


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