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These Authentic Shungite Bowls are of very high quality with a simple design and polished on the exterior surfaces.The diameter is 10cm with a wieight of 512grams this full half a kilo of Shungite is a perfect addition to your collection.


The interior surface is unpolished and as with all genuine shungite will generate a small degree of dust. So be mindful of this when making your purchase.


We are a small NZ owned and operated company based on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast in Auckland and have been sourcing and providing Authentic Shungite to Kiwis since 2018.  All of our Shungite is sourced directly from authorised extractors working at the Zazhoginskoye Deposit located in Keralia, Russia. 


Once in New Zealand we individually certify every piece as genuine shungite to provide our personal guarantee that the Shungite you purchase from Certified Shungite is authentic and of high quality.

Our mission is to make sure that Kiwis that want to buy Authentic Shungite have a trusted local source. To find out more about us and our Shungite please visit our blog.

Afterpay available on all purchases. FREE Shipping on all orders over $150.

Certified Shungite Bowl 10cm Diameter

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