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The Wi-fi and Watercress Experiment

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Human written with zero A.I. collusion. So if there are spelling mistakes, grammar errors that sort of thing. Just think of it as Rustic Writing and enjoy as best you can, after all we're only Human. Paul

Wifi Watercress Experiment 5G

The wonderfully simple video below can be shared with anyone questioning, doubting or concerned about the impact of Wi-fi frequencies on all living things. In the video, recorded in 2019, a group of children are guided as they embark on an experiment to discover what happens when watercress is exposed to the frequencies emitted from a normal everyday wi-fi router, just like the one in most homes today.

Please feel free to skip straight down to the video to view, it's very short, but eye opening and to the point.

What follows next is just me waxing lyrical about the early days of cell phone network and infrastructure spread. I used to run several awareness pages focused on the rise of 5G and its relationship to wider agendas across social media / youtube between early 2015 and late 2019 which had followers in their thousands but we just kept hitting too hard over the target and the pages were taken down, removed, deleted.

Many will remember that not too long ago, well okay 20 years or so ago, before 3G was the latest 'advancement' in cellular communication being rolled out across the world there was much concern voiced over the potential harmful effects of the Electromagnetic Fields produced by wi-fi, and the exponential development of cellular systems for 'hand held to the head' devices.

This was a time when large and vocal groups of parents would rally against the installation of cell phone towers near schools and more often than not they were very large and very very vocal. It was a time when the very real concerns cited by these parents as reason for their protest were actually aired on National Television by what we now commonly refer to as the mainstream media. Writing from the perspective of someone who lived in England at that time, establishment Television programmes such as BBC's Panaroma tackled the debate openly as late as 2007 leaning to the view that there may well be a need for concern and if not concern at least certainly a high degree of caution. Not something that you see now in these fully self absorbed media restricted 2020's where wireless and 5G and Bluetooth are at near saturation levels in most cities, urban spaces and lives,

This was a time when Google was a very new kid on the block, Youtube didn't exist and Paypal hadn't even been conceived. A time when 'Bluetooth' technologies were in their infancy having only been introduced to the world in 1999. This was a time when activism against the rise of cellular technologies was at its highest and awareness of the harm, especially for children, was becoming more widely understood and a paramount concern for, what appeared at the time to be, most parents. This was a time when the cry for the precautionary principle to be applied to the roll out of cell towers and EMFs in society was born. A principle that has been ignored since as the roll out has spread unabated and the technology has taken on a far more nefarious place in our lives than any layman could have anticipated 20 years ago

Believe me, as someone who lived as an adult through that time, the casual use of electronic devices, phones, iPads, tablets by children today in 2023 would be viewed as abusive behaviour, detrimental to the health and well-being of our little ones. Mini rant over. :)

Watch this video that was put together in 2019 by Smooth Feather Youth for the PioneersofScience.Org series and remember, Awareness is the First Line of Defence so Trust Your Senses and Lead Yourself. Thank You for reading, watching and sharing. Paul.

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